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We develop solutions based on our experience from many years of cooperation with companies of all organisational types, sizes and sectors.

Services: Summary

Developing Strategic Clarity

For Atomki, strategic clarity means creating a shared vision, deeping the understanding of current reality and then finding the pathways necessary to move from one state to the other. It is about building commitment to a path forward and engaging people's support for this.


Atomki has a proven approach for personal and team visioning combined with a suite of tools and techniques to help teams realise their visions. This can be done at multiple different levels, from the boardroom to project teams.

Facilitating Decision-making

Facilitating decision-making is a core skill of Atomki. We do this through working with teams and in critical meetings. The key to Atomki's success is its work in designing and preparing meetings to ensure success. This enables clients to benefit from Atomki's knowledge and experience and allows them concentrate on the content, rather than the mechanics and administration of the meeting. Atomki consultants have facilitated critical meetings for clients all over the world based on this approach of rigorous planning and precise execution.


Although facilitation is an enabling competence that applies to all Atomki services, because it is in such demand by Atomki clients, it’s highlighted separately as a service line.

Improving Team Performance

Understanding how teams work effectively together to achieve their goals can be a source of significant value. Atomki deploys different models of team interaction and performance, considering structure / formal processes; ways of working / informal processes; and biases that may lead to poor decision-making. Through a combination of diagnostic, support and change techniques we can help teams make better and more robust decisions, faster.

Supporting People and Process Change

Atomki deploys approaches that are proven to bring about individual behavioural change in both small and large organisations. The requirement for new behaviours is often driven by new processes or changes in competitive environments for businesses. Through an understanding of the necessary conditions for individual behaviour change to occur and by focusing on a few key roles, we can achieve a catalytic effect on the rate of change until organisations reach a tipping point – the point at which the momentum of change becomes self-sustaining.

Our other consultancy areas:


Atomki has a strong interest in new business enterprises, particularly in emerging technologies or advisory services. Atomki has set-up new businesses from scratch and supported the growth of several others. Atomki delivers its strategic and operations expertise in a way that start-ups need; the emphasis is on fit-for-purpose solutions and pragmatic advice. This is coupled with a flexible approach on compensation.


This is a very different type of offer, as there is no standard solution, and must be based on a strong relationships and mutual trust.  However, the rewards can be significant and it's great fun to be involved and contribute to success.



Please contact Andy Tomkins on the following phone number with any questions or to make an appointment:


+44 7768 688 247


Please also use our contact form.

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