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Case Studies

The following provide examples of the type of work successfully delivered by Atomki.

Behaviour Change

For a mid-sized European oil & gas company, who had launched a major organisational transformation, worked to support behavioural change in one of the key business units.  After initial diagnostic work, conducted via structured interviews, and reporting to the Leadership Team, Atomki designed a support mechanism targeted at two key upstream projects.  Atomki's remit was to observe behaviours during different stages of the project stage gate process, reinforce the new, desired behaviours and try to change the old, undesired behaviours.  Further, Atomki consultants could observe and comment on systemic issues that were affecting performance, particularly across departmental and discipline interfaces.  This proved to be an important element of driving change in the business unit and managing performance toward higher levels.

Strategy Development

For a well regarded organisation that is a forum for the exchange of political, economic and business insights between the UK and Latin America, Atomki worked to develop a compelling strategy.  The organisation was at a crossroads in its long history and needed to create a new organisation and direction to succeed in the future.  Working with Board members and its high profile stakeholders, Atomki developed and clarified the strategic thinking to enable a new management team to deliver growth.

Evaluating Industry Potential

For a supermajor energy company, Atomki consultants worked to evaluate strategic potential and opportunities of geothermal energy.  This started with a 5-day international workshop, bringing together world reknown experts in geothermal, followed by several months of research, analysis and financial modelling to propose different strategic directions.

Implementing Process Change

For a mid-sized, European oil & gas exploration and production company, Atomki started working part way through a global process change initiative.  Progress was slowing and there were multiple blockages to the continued implementation.  Andy Tomkins conducted a rapid diagnostic with the global process owners and members of the executive team to identify the current challenges and then recommended a number of actions to re-catalyse the change programme.  Several workshops followed on from the initial diagnostic to build alignment and identify practical accelerators that would drive further progress.

Optimising Performance

For a leading developer and producer of geothermal power, Andy Tomkins worked at Board and Senior Management Level to prepare and facilitate a strategic dialogue about the future direction of the firm.  This involved identifying and harmonising different points of view and finding the common ground that could lead to practical action and a sustainable increase in profitability.

Operational Challenges

For a major international oil & gas company, Atomki consultants were ask to design, facilitate and document a critical meeting to plan the next stage of a major, multi-billion dollar potential project in the Middle East.  The first stage in the drilling for gas had not gone as planned; significant costs had been incurred but production was well below the forecast.  The planning for the next well was now critical for the long-term future of the project and Atomki was asked to help bring together multiple, highly technical view-points, to gain alignment around a new plan.

Supporting a New Company Start-up

LPD Risk was created by leading experts in evaluating security and related risks for large companies, particularly working in challenging geographic and political environments.  Atomki became involved near the beginning of the creation of this new company, providing practial advice on different aspects of its development: from financial management, marketing, sales and project delivery.


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