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Cathy Dunn

Cathy is a skilled Learning and Organisational Development specialist with extensive experience in all stages of the design and facilitation of learning activities. She is able to work at all levels within an organization from senior executives through to operational staff.


With more than 20 years' experience, she has a successful track record in managing global leadership development programmes. She has facilitated teams and organisations in a range of change initiatives, including workshops to build a new organisational culture; designing, organising and facilitating meetings for mid-level management to support the development of a new, post-merger business culture; and facilitating smaller groups and meetings. Additionally she has also worked on a range of personal development workshops.


Cathy also works on the development of online and work-based learning materials, currently in the social care sector although she has also been involved with higher education level work-based learning. This latter included connecting with prospective clients via a range of channels.


She also works as a personal coach in the area of voice and personal presence. This builds on her experience and qualifications in drama. She holds LAMDA Gold Medals for both Acting and the Speaking of Verse and Prose and has performed in many amateur drama productions.


She is currently based in London.


Please contact Andy Tomkins on the following phone number with any questions or to make an appointment:


+44 7768 688 247


Please also use our contact form.

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